The Red Spore:Disaffected and Displaced

A collections of essay and ramblings of a potential Singaporean Emigrant. Voy, Va, Irai en Europe et le monde! Don't Call me a quitter Emeritus Lee, Hey, I can vote against you from any embassy or consulate of Singapore!

Smug PAP members overlooking WP members from the POSH rooftopless Hippo Tours Double-Decker Bus Look at the PAP thank you bus it’s reeking with extravagance! Compare that with the humble WP Truck. At least the WP members can shake the hands with their supporters. I was surprised by the results, yet contented that the PAP got their Punggol East Slap.

Also, in the final recount, it turned out that WP’s Lee Li Lian was leading in all 10 polling centers - that means PAP cannot play gerrymandering at all - unless it lets Pasir Ris Punggol swallow up Punggol East and carve out Sengkang Central - Compassvale and Buangkok - or just make a Sengkang GRC?